Swordfight is a two player physical game played using strap on Atari 2600 controllers. The goal of the game is to press your opponent's button with your joystick before they press yours. Kurt Bieg and Ramsey Nasser are to blame.
~ Thursday, June 14 ~

For the next iteration of Swordfight, we wanted to controllers to make a lot more noise. We’re swapping out the tame piezo speakers we used before for bicycle warning horns. They are CRAZY loud. If there ever was a chance that someone didn’t notice you playing Swordfight, these horns will shatter it.

Pictures show the original packaged device and its liberated components. It includes a 556 timer chip, probably generating a square wave, and a transformer to step up voltage from the 9V battery to whatever the buzzer needs. The trigger button is s standard tac button you might use on a breadboard.

— ramseynasser

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